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John G

It seems to me that an important piece of the MBTA and road infrastructure problem is to increase the revenues from taxes on gas sales by increasing the gas tax. It hasn't increased since 1990. With gas price of at least $2.50 a gallon most of the time and probably to go up a .10 cent increase would be only a 4% increase on people's gas bills. The gas tax could be even higher on premium gas. Doing this would help promote the use of more energy efficient cars and make the use of public transportation slightly more attractive as well which would increase its revenue a bit.

Charlie D.

Thank you for addressing this very important issue. Transportation is an important part of everyone's daily lives, and the MBTA is a key part of this. We should be doing all we can to keep Boston a livable place and reduce our dependence on the personal automobile as much as possible.

I truly hope the T can have its debt taken care of and have a solid funding mechanism put into place.

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