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It's just hard for now doing that, but pushing it is required.

first home buyer loan

Well….I still think that it isn’t quite the “buyer’s market” yet. NoVA housing prices are still high — and — at times OUTRAGEOUS even.


The banks are in to lending business but not in to real estate business, the only thing they want is interest on the loan amount, they go for foreclosure as they can not keep the non-performing assets in the books of accounts.


Banks and mortgage lenders are not really in the Real Estate investing business. In fact they are really in the lending business and they want to collect interest on loans and the fees they get for servicing and so forth. But, they must deal with the large number of defaulting loans. Unfortunately for banks, many are not permitted to keep these non-performing assets on their books. This creates opportunities for investors to buy the banks' problem properties. But, buyer beware; do your homework and make sure that you understand you will be buying "As Is" unless you manage to get the bank to fix the property before you take it over. You may find properties for sale on the banks' own Web sites: Bank of America, Countrywide and U. S. Bank each have some.

Trent Smith

I especially agree with the counseling part. These people need to know that getting approved does not necessarily mean they need to purchase the property or get the loan. I operate http://www.CurrentForeclosures.com and the # of foreclosures has been skyrocketing. From what i'm finding, most of the people that used to own these homes had extremely high interest rates.


Dear Senator Barrios,
I do not live in your district, but I am grateful for your service to the Commonwealth. Thank you for your work in this vital area. These deceitful lenders are taking advantage of people who simply want their little peice of the American Dream. This illustrates another fracture in the social contract we have to look out for one another.
All the best,


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