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Cuba is one of the place that I want to visit.


Hi! Congratulatiosn for your blogs and efforts. I'll suggest everyone a motorcycle dream tour in Cuba! Beautiful places and adventure! Check www.worldmototour.com and tell me about it!

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What you're doing now is good for the rapport and improving relations..

Likewise, if one day i can visit Cuba, it will be a great opportunity!


Billy Floyd

How do the Cubans feel about Fluffernutters?

Jeanne DeGenova

Oh my! How did my name get into the comment posted by Mr. Weebles on 12 February?? I think I may have scrolled something inadvertantly. Those are not my sentiments! Please view my email of 16 February!

Jeanne DeGenova

Jeanne DeGenova

Greetings Senator Barrios,

I'm a constituent from Everett. I enjoy reading your blogs. Your visits to Cuba to connect with its people build good will, peace and understanding.

I hope one day to have the opportunity to travel to Cuba as a visitor to enjoy its colors, ambience and to hear its wonderful music.

Jeanne DeGenova

Mr. Weebles

Greetings, Comrade Barrios! I hope you learned much during your trip to the glorious Communist country of Cuba and that you can use those lessons to complete the transformation of Massachusetts into a Communist state as well!

Your Socialist brethren in the Commonwealth await your return!

Viva la Revolucion!

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